Online Only Membership 49 Terms & Conditions

This isn't your everyday Terms of Service.

We're people with a purpose. Please read this thoroughly and keep it. It will answer most of your questions.

Cohere, LLC: The Members are the people, coworkers, groups and community. The Space is the building located at 418 South Howes (when applicable after pandemic).

We are a virtual gathering of people finding a way to work better together, focusing on participation, helpfulness and friendship.

The members of Cohere share a fundamental desire to live and work flexibly, be social, help one another and welcome everyone into the community.

Our Values

How to BElong to Our Community:

  • BE yearning for interaction.
  • BE willing to introduce yourself, make friends and help.
  • BE ready to participate in impromptu and planned events.
  • BE eager to help everyone feel proud of our virtual space and the people in it.
  • BE prepared for abundance.

Conduct: Cohere is a safe space for people of any race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Any member who acts or speaks in a way that impedes the safety of any other member will be educated and/or asked to leave our community. It is your responsibility to bring issues to the attention of staff if talking directly with the person is not feasible for safety reasons.

Your Responsibilities (Cohere RULES! ;)

Cohere is quite different from your average working environment. We're not a serviced or fully staffed office, and the following things help us keep our prices accessible. In order to keep things ticking nicely, here are some essentials we ask everyone to be mindful of when using the space.

  • Participation is an extreme sport. 
  • Engage in meaningful greetings. Pop in and out of our slack and Facebook group to connect with one another.

Your Needs and Rights

All Cohere memberships include access to the community and its resources, with only a couple of specific exceptions.

All memberships include:

  • Virtual opportunities for connection.
  • An invitation to participate in the members-only discussion group.
  • Participation in social and learning events.
  • An incredible community of smart, friendly and helpful coworkers from all over Fort Collins and beyond.
  • Opportunities to host virtual events of your own, including classes and workshops.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

Cobot is the web platform used by Cohere to provide this website.

See Cobot Terms